Are coleus plants poisonous to humans and animals?

Answer Yes, it can cause Allergic dermatitis with red rash.

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Are berries on asparagus ferns poisonous to humans or animals?

Are jade plants poisonous to humans?

Jade plants (Crassula argentea) are not considered poisonous to humans. But these plants can be toxic to both cats and dogs. Cats and dogs may experience vomiting, ataxia (lack of muscle coordinati... Read More »

Are Poinsettia plants poisonous to humans?

The popular Poinsettia plant that you see used for holidays is not toxic.Please see related link below.

Are Hibiscus Plants Poisonous to Animals?

The hibiscus plant is also known as the rose of China and the rose of Sharon. This plant is a colorful and exotic addition to any garden or yard. However, hibiscus plants are poisonous to animals, ... Read More »