If a person dies of a contagious disease is corpse contagious?

Answer Bud, the answer is sometimes yes. It depends both on the nature of of the contagious bug and the amount of time and how much drying has occurred. All contagious organisms begin to die when the in... Read More »

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Has anyone got any natural ways to get rid of coldsores :(?

Take Lyciene! it is natural cos its just amino acids and thats what you deficcient in when you get coldsores. You can get them in Chemists or health store

How can you reduce swelling and soreness that come with coldsores?

See your Dr for a RX. I have had good success with Lysine tabs found at Health food stores and adding corn to the diet. Like plain popcorn corn on the cob and variations of canned or frozen corn. w... Read More »

Is a sty contagious?

Yes, a sty can be very contagious, but if you don't touch it you should be fine.

Is alopecia contagious?

According to MedicineNet, Alopecia (hair loss affecting the scalp) is not contagious. Autoimmune disorders are thought to be the cause of this condition. Because it commonly runs in families, it is... Read More »