Are coconut shells good for smoking meats?

Answer On One Hand: Fresh CoconutPieces of coconut can be placed on hot coals to give meat a sweet flavor with tropical overtones. Fish should slow cook for one to two hours or until flaky on a low heat. ... Read More »

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How to Separate Nut Shells from the Nut Meats?

If you go to the trouble of shelling your own nuts at home, it can be frustrating to find the shells mixed in with the nut meats. This article provides quick steps to remedy the problem.

How to Carve Coconut Shells?

You may have seen carved coconuts resembling human faces or animals and wondered if you could achieve the same results at home. Well, the process of carving coconut shells is not complicated, but i... Read More »

Good Shells for Driveways?

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have seen many shell-based driveways in your life. In the Northeast, shell driveways are familiar, popular alternatives to concrete or stone driveway... Read More »

** coconut oil - good for you **?

Yes!! Raw coconut oil is super good for you! You can use it for things other than eating too, its super good for your hair and in lipbalm! Its not processed as much so its got a higher nutritonal v... Read More »