Are coca leaves illegal?

Answer According to the Tea and Coffee Trade Journal and multiple other sources, all forms of coca leaves have been illegal in the United States since the passing of the Pure Food and Drugs Act in 1906.So... Read More »

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Are coca leaves illegal in the united states?

Coca leaves are illegal in the United States due to their alkaloid cocaine content. The only entity allowed to import coca leaves into the United States is the Stepan Company, a $400-million corpor... Read More »

Are coca leaves legal in the U.S.?

Coca leaves are not legal in the United States, unless you are the Stepan Co. The Stepan Co. is the only legal coca importer in the U. S., and they process coca leaves for medical-grade cocaine and... Read More »

How addictive is chewing coca leaves?

I would think it is less addicting then snorting the processed version but still holds a strong pull on the "chew-ee.'

Are coca leaves legal in the United States?

It is illegal to possess, grow or sell cocaine or any plants that produce it in the United States. This includes the coca leaf. The sole exception is the Stepan Corporation of New Jersey, which leg... Read More »