Are co-ops considered real property for estate taxes in Ohio?

Answer Your local probate attorney can answer your question, given the county where you live.

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When is payment due for real estate taxes in ohio?

Ohio property taxes are collected by the County Treasurer's offices. Payments are due twice a year and vary by county. Most counties collect in January or February and again in July or August.Sourc... Read More »

When are real estate taxes due in Preble County, Ohio?

Property taxes in Preble County, Ohio, are due in full by June 20, as of 2010. The first payment, of at least one-half of the balance due, is due Jan. 31. Preble County's deadlines are the same as ... Read More »

Are personal property& real estate taxes the same thing?

Personal property taxes and real estate taxes are not the same. Personal property taxes are taxes based on the value of personal property, such as a vehicle, boat, machinery, trailers and additiona... Read More »

How to Acquire Property Based on Past Due Real Estate Taxes?

When a homeowner fails to pay property tax, the county where the property is located has the right to foreclose on the property. As a potential buyer of a property or buying a home that has been fo... Read More »