Are clean&clear products effective?

Answer On One Hand: Great Reputation & Proven ResultsClean & Clear provides a number of acne-fighting products with proven results. Not only is it a powerful, effective solution for acne and other facial ... Read More »

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Are WarmYourFloor products effective?

Many customers find that when they install WarmYourFloor products, they can lower their thermometer a few degrees and still enjoy exceptional comfort. Part of the secret is that WarmYourFloor produ... Read More »

Key Ingredients in Effective Skin Care Products?

Skin care is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, where consumers spend $344 million on just creams and lotions each year, according to the American Academy. With creams promising ... Read More »

How to Create Black Skin Care Products With Household Products?

Though it may look tougher than light skin, black skin is actually extremely sensitive to the different types of skin-care treatments and products that are available. Black skin has more melanin, w... Read More »

There is a new product line called "LG". How good are "LG" products Would you buy their products?

The company LG Electronics was actually founded in 1958 in Korea under the name Goldstar. They first entered in US market (as Goldstar) in 1962 selling radios, then in 1995 they acquired Zenith fo... Read More »