Are clay pots dangerous to cook in?

Answer Clay pots are not dangerous to cook in, as long as you use them correctly. You must soak unglazed clay pots for 15 minutes before cooking in them, and you should never use clay pots to cook over th... Read More »

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What Type of Clay Is Used for Incan Clay Pots?

Incan pottery was mainly created out of earthenware. Earthenware is clay that is collected along riverbanks and cleaned up for creating pottery. Incan pottery was designed primarily for use, but du... Read More »

Ideas for Clay Pots?

Make sweet homemade gifts or lovely items for your own home out of any clay pot. Whether you fire your own clay pots or simply purchase terra cotta pots from the local hardware or garden store, rep... Read More »

How to Paint Clay Pots?

Terracotta clay pots are usually a good choice for container planting, as they provide easy drainage. They are readily available and are usually inexpensive. Unfortunately, you might consider them ... Read More »

How to Age Clay Flower Pots?

Age clay flowers by encouraging moss to grow on them. According to the Weekend Gardener website and the Thrifty Fun website, moss-covered clay pots automatically lend an antique feel to a garden. C... Read More »