Addictive websites?

Answer well...sites like myspace/ sites. (mega multi player online role playing games)1.www.runescape.com2.www.worldofwar... Read More »

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Is Singulair addictive?

On One Hand: No Addictive PropertiesAccording to the Mayo Clinic, Singulair is not an addictive substance. Also, avoiding addiction is not listed in the National Library of Medicine Encyclopedia as... Read More »

Is ebay addictive?

Yes it can be on the bidding side of things.As with anything, exercise control and do your homework. I've seen so many people get caught up in the whole bidding thing. I 've also seen it in real au... Read More »

Why is alcohol so addictive?

In 2006, about 2 billion people worldwide consumed alcohol regularly. About 76 million of those people who drink alcohol have a problem controlling how much they drink or physically and/or emotiona... Read More »

Why is YahooAnswers so addictive?

It is nice to help and to share my knowledge to other people. With reading questions from other people i will find something new and challenging me to find the answer. By doing this make me keep le... Read More »