Are cigarette taxes fair?

Answer On One Hand: They "Punish" Socially Unacceptable HabitsThe public often accepts the excise tax on cigarettes, also known as a sin tax, because society views smoking as a poor habit. This tax is int... Read More »

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Facts About Cigarette Taxes?

Cigarette taxes vary from state to state. Some states apply them as a sales tax when cigarettes are purchased, while others levy gross receipt taxes. In some cases, both types of taxes are used. Po... Read More »

Who is exempt from cigarette taxes in Wisconsin?

Some people who buy cigarettes in Wisconsin do not have to pay taxes on them. According to Wisconsin Statutes Section 139.31, no taxes must be paid on cigarettes sold to Armed Forces or state/fed... Read More »

How much money does the government receive in cigarette taxes?

The United States federal government receives almost $7 billion dollars annually in cigarette taxes. In 2007, the total revenue for all U.S. states combined was more than $19 billion dollars while ... Read More »

How much income is generated from cigarette taxes for states?

The amount of revenue generated from cigarettes taxes in the states varies from year to year. As of the 2010, the last verifiable statistics are for 2007, in which the states collected $15,834,746,... Read More »