Are churches 501 c 3 organizations?

Answer 501(c)(3) organizations are exempted from paying taxes by the Internal Revenue Service based on various qualifications. As a religious institution, a church that does not attempt to influence legis... Read More »

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How to Use QR Codes for Churches?

This article will show you practical and innovative ways that churches can use QR codes to more effectively engage members and communities across the world. Quick Response codes (QR codes) and othe... Read More »

ADA Regulations for Churches?

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits commercial facilities, public accommodations, transportation services and employers from discriminating against individuals on the basis ... Read More »

Do churches file tax returns?

Churches with 501(c)(3) exemptions are required to file federal tax returns. Until recently, only those churches whose revenue exceeded $25,000.00 annually were required to file. However, as of Ju... Read More »

Are donations to churches tax deductible?

You are allowed to deduct charitable contributions made to a church as long as the church is a qualified organization, according to the IRS. You must itemize your deductions, and you are allowed to... Read More »