Are chipped teeth more sensitive?

Answer A tooth is made of three layers: the outer enamel, the denton and, in the center, the nerve-filled pulp. If chipping the enamel exposes the denton, your tooth may become sensitive to cold. If the c... Read More »

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Can I still get braces if I've chipped my teeth before?

Yes! I have them right now lol! They don't move like that, it's done a weird cool way lol :)

Chipped front (bottom) teeth?

samething happened to me fighting. It will hurt at first but the pain goes away in 2days. I never went to the dentist but I`m sure she wont take it out or anything she will give you something to pu... Read More »

Chipped friends teeth while rough-housing?

It's okay. It sounds like he knows you were just fooling around and isn't going to sue you. I would relax and just check on your friend to make sure he's doing okay. It will all be fine.

Why are my teeth so sensitive?

It is not unusual to have sensitive teeth. Buy Sensodyne Toothpaste and use it every time you brush. It will make your teeth much less sensitive. The dentist should have told you about it. You can ... Read More »