Are children being capable of horrific behavior?

Answer Yes, there is a small percentage of children that can come from good homes or abusive homes that have horrific behavior such as bullying; getting into gangs and committing crimes; being disrespectf... Read More »

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What does 'are you capable of being bonded' mean?

If you are insured then you should see your name on the certificate itself or on the referenced endorsement page.

What was the first intercontinental missile capable of being launched from a submarine?

ICBM's are surface-surface missiles and typically have a greater range than submarine launched missiles. The first developed Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) was the Navy's UGM-27 Polari... Read More »

Is being financially stable the best indicator of being ready for children?

You can easily raise a child in the US with both parents working 40 hour weeks at minimum wage. I dunno what everyone's problem is. If you can't afford your current lifestyle, change it. Move to a ... Read More »

Reasons for Bad Behavior in Children?

Children who exhibit bad behavior are often not intentionally doing so. Learning to test boundaries is a part of the growing process. Sometimes, however, this behavior can turn from mischief and ea... Read More »