Are child molesters allowed on school grounds?

Answer No

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How do child molesters get the child to be resigned to the sexual abuse?

In the case of ongoing abuse first they choose a vulnerable and needy child for their victim. Then they groom the child with the attention they need, gifts and "kindness" until the child thinks the... Read More »

Is the school allowed to touch a child?

uuum i think dragging a child is wright because if a child is been norty running aobut then yes he shud be removed or if he refuses then yes he shud be draged out at my private school i am 11 and ... Read More »

Are all child molesters gay?

No the vast majority of child molesters are heterosexual men with female children who are family members.

How to Find Child Molesters?

Most child molesters commit an average of 117 sexual crimes before being caught. One way to know if you have a child molester in your neighborhood is to perform a database search for sexual offende... Read More »