Are dinosaurs related to reptiles and birds?

Answer According to Dr. Paul Willis, dinosaurs are related to birds. He says that the "majority of palaeontologists working on the ancestry of birds agree that dinosaurs, particularly small theropods, are... Read More »

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Why is there no dinosaurs?

There are no dinosaurs because a big metorite hit the earth 65 million years ago. It wiped out 80% of animails, including all dinosaurs. EDIT: One of the biggest misconceptions about dinosaurs is t... Read More »

How many dinosaurs was there?

God Only Knows! kidding aside- when I was a kid- the sixties and early seventies- they were not too popular on TV cartoons. Beany and Cecil was a sort of serio-comic thing about an explorer and his... Read More »

Were dinosaurs reptiles?

Dinosaur are considered reptiles. Unlike most reptiles, however, dinosaurs walked with their legs located directly below their hips, in an upright manner. Dinosaur legs ran straight down, unlike ... Read More »