Are chickens colorblind?

Answer Chickens can not only see colors like humans--they actually can see better than humans, thanks to an extra cone in their retinas that allows them to see violet and ultraviolet light. Chickens' eyes... Read More »

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Can you fly if you are colorblind?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a pilot must be able to distinguish colors necessary for safe flight. In the event that a pilot cannot pass a standard visual exam, an alternative ... Read More »

Are flies colorblind?

Flies can see colors. According to postdoctoral fellow Javier Morante and Professor Claude Desplan of NYU's Center for Developmental Genetics, the fruit fly Drosophila achieves color vision by usin... Read More »

Are parakeets colorblind?

Parakeets are not color blind. Rather, they have tetrachromatic color vision. A parakeet's eyes possess four separate channels (cones) for conveying color information. Provide your parakeet with pr... Read More »

Are hamsters colorblind?

Hamsters, which have poor depth perception and limited eyesight, are colorblind. They have glands in their bodies that provide them with a keen sense of smell that makes up for their visual deficit... Read More »