Are chick fil a's normal this packed full?

Answer its the best chicken of course!

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Is it normal for a male teen to like chick flicks?

You have the right to like whatever makes you happy no matter what your gender, sexuality, favorite color or what you dip your fries in is. You should know this.

Is it normal to feel full if I eat one yogurt and bannana?

bananas are EXTREMELY fillingi feel very bloated when i eat onenothing to worry aboutyogurt is filling too, i couldnt eat a banana and a yog at one sittingeat a mint, it eases digestionif you dont ... Read More »

Is a 19.00 inch newborn is normal for a full term baby?

Yes! My first son was born only 10 days before his due date (which is definitely considered full term) and he was 19" too. He weighed 6lbs, 9oz, which is also normal. I carry pretty small and the d... Read More »

Is it normal to have air in the return lines if the pipe pressure is OK and the skimmers are full of water?

I think it could be normal, if the pool is not losing water.On my filter and pump, I have a valve, that when open, causes bubbles to come out of the low end jets, simulating the jets of a jacuzzi. ... Read More »