Are chewable vitamins just as beneficial as the kind you swallow?

Answer Yes, they are, with a few cautions:First, they tend to be lower dosages than some of the higher-dose specialist multivitamins. Also, the minerals in them tend to be in the less absorbable forms. As... Read More »

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How to Swallow Vitamins?

Swallowing vitamins can be daunting. Many people comment that they get stuck going down, they choke, or they can only swallow something very tiny. Here are some tips to help those vitamins food sup... Read More »

What kind of treatment is beneficial to someone who has Down syndrome?

There is help for children with Down syndrome. Treatment with amino acids from an early age could help children with Down syndrome to improve their speech as well as their mental development, physi... Read More »

What kind of vitamins should women take?

Women have unique nutritional requirements, especially during various life stages. Hormones require micronutrients to be produced in the right supply, hence proper nutrients are very important to w... Read More »

What kind of vitamins should be taken daily?

More and more people are growing concerned about their nutritional health and many turn to vitamin supplements as a form of nutritional "insurance." But there is some confusion and uncertainty over... Read More »