Are checks sorted or captured first?

Answer When checks are deposited, either through an ATM or a bank, they are first sent to be image-checked and that image is captured. After that they are sent to be encoded and sorted to be matched with ... Read More »

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How Are Diamonds Sorted?

Diamonds are mined from the ground using volcanic pipes. Once the ore comes out of the mine it's sifted and separated to expose the diamonds from the rubble. After the diamonds have been sorted, th... Read More »

Is mail still sorted on trains?

From Wiki:After the privatisation of British Rail in the mid 1990s, British TPOs were operated by Rail Express Systems and their successor EWS. Royal Mail decided to suspend all transportation of m... Read More »

How to Get Your Car Problems Sorted if You Know Nothing About Cars?

A lot of people have a hard time getting mechanics to take them seriously when reporting car problems. Does your mechanic seem to talk over you, or try to convince you that you're imagining problem... Read More »

Does anyone such as the FBI CIA do background security checks and checks for citizenship on members of Congress and the President elect?

They MAY do so as a pre-requisite for their accessing certain classified information during their terms of office after they are elected. HOWEVER, there is no Constitutional requirement that these ... Read More »