Are check-ordering companies OK?

Answer On One Hand: Cheaper Checks and More VarietyCheck-ordering companies often boast lower prices than ordering directly from your financial institution. Ordering your checks from an outside company gi... Read More »

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Do insurance companies check serial?

of course. Purposefully starting fires, being drunk and driving and hitting someone and many more acts.

How to Check If Online Companies Are Legit?

As more and more businesses are popping all over the Internet, sometimes it's difficult to know if a company is legitimate or not, especially if you want to purchase products or services from the c... Read More »

How Do Check Approval Companies Work?

Although newer forms of payment, such as electronic credit and debit cards, have taken much of the market share away from paper check transactions, consumers and businesses still settle accounts by... Read More »

How often do electric companies check your meter?

Electric utility companies generally read residential electrical meters monthly for billing purposes. A comprehensive inspection of the meter is typically not performed unless an apparent problem i... Read More »