Are chain letters real?

Answer no, they're not. just something someone made up when they were bored. i hate it when people post a million of them on myspace. it pushes down the more important bulletins to where no one can see them.

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Are youtube chain letters real?

Those are all fake. Even I have made up a few chain messages in my day. Ignore them and continue on.

What do you guys think of chain letters?

If those things were true, I'd be single for the rest of my life (okay, I'll give them that one), and I'd be dead. Obviously I'm not dead. I used to believe in those things, but karma stems from re... Read More »

Science Projects on Chain Letters?

In 2008 the National Science Foundation released a study revealing that people are selective when sending email chain letters. This study attempts to discredit the claim that chain letters are vira... Read More »

How to Stop Believing in Chain Letters?

Stop believing in those annoying, scary chain letters.Chain letters might scare some people. But lucky for you, this is an easy fear to overcome. Just read on and you'll sleep much better knowing t... Read More »