Are cell phones safe in a lightning storm?

Answer On One Hand: A Cell Phone May Cause Fatalities During StormsA letter published in the British Medical Journal claims that cell phones may cause fatal injuries during an electrical storm. A cell pho... Read More »

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Are cell phones safe while driving?

On One Hand: Cell Phones DistractAccording to a study from the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis, cell phone use while driving contributes to approximately 6 percent of car crashes. Many states are m... Read More »

What is the average temperature of a lightning storm?

A single bolt of lightning can be as hot as 50,000 degrees F, which is approximately 27,000 degrees C. Lightning has a temperature about five times hotter than the surface of the sun.Source:Hyperte... Read More »

Can one cable cord go out on one tv but not on the other during a lightning storm?

The outer connection of the cable is grounded. The outside threaded part of the set's antenna input is isolated from the set's circuitry by a capacitor. It sounds like that capacitor shorted out du... Read More »

Is an aluminum ladder dangerous in a lightning storm?

Aluminum ladders are dangerous to climb during a lightning storm or when working around power lines due to their electrical conductivity. However, if there is lightning in the area, climbing any la... Read More »