Are cell phone jammers legal in the U.S.?

Answer According to Method Shop, cell phone jammers are illegal for civilians to own and for companies to sell--except to the U.S. government and approved state agencies. However, it may be legal to purch... Read More »

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Are cell phone jammers illegal in canada?

Cell phone jammers are illegal in Canada, as is tampering with any other radio waves. Under the Radiocommunication Act, the Canadian government states that "No person shall, without lawful excuse, ... Read More »

Is it legal to tap a cell phone in Texas?

Texas is a "one-party consent" state and, according to Texas law, at least one party of a telephone conversation must consent to the recording of a conversation for it to be legal.References:Citize... Read More »

Is cell phone monitoring legal?

Federal law requires that a court find probable cause to legally monitor interstate cell phone calls. Many states have wiretap statutes making the unauthorized monitoring of cell phones illegal. Ch... Read More »

Are cell phone contracts legal?

So long as they have been agreed to by both parties, most cell phone contracts are legal. However, in certain cases, if either side abrogates the terms of the contract, the contract can be voided. ... Read More »