Are ceiling fans more cost effective and efficient than portable box pedestal room fans?

Answer AnswerI bought a ceiling fan for my front room for $80 (live in Canada) and that old girl has been going for over 10 years! I wouldn't be without one. Go for the ceiling fan as heat rises and it re... Read More »

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Are ceiling fans effective?

On One Hand: Circulate AirCeiling fans effectively circulate the air in a room. The movement of air makes a room feel cooler on a hot day. The fan keeps cooler air, which is heavier, from sinking a... Read More »

How do I use ceiling fans to heat a room?

Check the FanThrow a lightweight scrap of paper or cloth, such as tissue paper, into the air while the ceiling fan is running. If the paper floats up, your fan is ready to help distribute heat. If ... Read More »

Are box fans energy efficient?

On One Hand: They're More Efficient than Air ConditionersMost box fans or floor fans use approximately 100 watts, which adds up to 74 kilowatt hours per month if they're left running around the clo... Read More »

Are attic fans really energy efficient?

On One Hand: They Can Be Somewhat Energy EfficientAn unfinished attic can become as hot as 150 degrees F in the summer, eventually transferring that heat to the house below. The result is increased... Read More »