Are cedar chips acidic?

Answer Cedar chips are acidic. They contain an acid called plicatic acid, which can cause respiratory problems in animals when cedar chips are used for bedding. Cedar is a popular choice for clothing stor... Read More »

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How to Use Cedar Chips?

Cedar chips can be a powerful tool in the hand of a well-informed gardener or lawn owner. These deadly, effective decorative elements can be placed in critical areas to ensure that they are protect... Read More »

Are cedar chips safe?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsFinely shredded cedar bark can be good for flower beds, lasts a long time and repels insects.On the Other: Chemical ImbalanceWood or bark chips can create an imbalan... Read More »

How to Use Cedar Chips for Warmth?

Cedar chips are useful insulators that store nutrients from the soil and repel insects such as fleas and garden pests. Cedar is also known for its pleasant smell. Chips are used in many gardens to ... Read More »

Are red cedar chips safe to burn?

Red cedar is a softwood that is safe to burn. The chips are often sold as kindling because they burn very quickly and light easily. Red cedar can spit when burning, so put up a mesh screen as a saf... Read More »