If one is allergic to cats dogs and most other things that cause common allergies is it likely they would be allergic to common house birds?

Answer Allergies to birds? It depends on whether you are allergic to feathers and/or the dust that comes off when they preen and shake.You should go to the doctor and get a test done. Until then be cautio... Read More »

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Why are we allergic to cats?

Cat allergies are caused by one potent allergen. However, when it comes to a cure, few people do "just what the doctor ordered." In a study of allergic pet owners, psychologist Stanley Coren found ... Read More »

Why do cats like allergic people?

Many people who are allergic to cats could swear their allergy is a magnet for the very thing that aggravates it. However, according to Dr's. Daniel Estep, Ph.D., and Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., this is ... Read More »

How to Deal With Being Allergic to Cats?

Have allergies? Love cats? Here are some steps to take to have your cake and eat it too. You can live with cats and your allergies, as long as you're not severely allergic.

Can cats be allergic to rabbits?