Are catholics baptized or christened?

Answer Although "baptism" and "christening" are technically synonymous terms for the sacrament of Christian initiation and have historically been used as such, baptism is generally the preferred term in C... Read More »

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What Does it Mean to Be Christened?

According to the New Advent website, to be christened has the same meaning as to be baptized. Before governments began recording births, when a child was baptized, a Christian name was granted to a... Read More »

With what name was Oprah Winfrey Christened?

Animal Trainer Julie Scardina, followed by pro football Hall of Famer and analyst Terry Bradshaw

Can you get a baby Christened with a residential order?

How many U.S. Navy ships have been christened with Topeka Kansas?

3 U.S. Navy vessels have been christened for their namesake, the city of Topeka, Kansas: PG 35 - Gun Boat 1900 to 1930 CL 67 - Light Cruiser 1944 to 1949 CLG 8 - Light Missile Cruiser 1960 to 19... Read More »