Are caterpillars bugs or insects?

Answer Caterpillars are the larvae form of butterflies and moths. Butterflies and moths are members of the lepidoptera order of insects. Although they may look different in this early stage of the life cy... Read More »

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Bad Garden Bugs & Insects?

The first step in treating any bad garden bug is to properly identify it. This will ensure that you purchase the correct treatment and can prevent the use unnecessary chemicals and insecticides. Wh... Read More »

Are sow bugs beneficial insects?

Sow bugs are small land crustaceans that resemble pill bugs, and are typically found in moist areas. They are considered non-beneficial pests because of their tendency to eat the leaves on young, h... Read More »

Types of Water Bugs & Insects?

Many species of water bugs and aquatic insects enjoy a worldwide distribution, existing anywhere conditions can support them. These bugs have certain adaptations that allow them to live in rivers, ... Read More »

Are insects&bugs exotic pets?

Exotic pets are considered non-domesticated animals because they were not originally bred by humans as pets or livestock. Scorpions, insects and bugs, both foreign and domestic, fall into this cate... Read More »