Are catalytic converters required in minnesota?

Answer Catalytic converters are required in Minnesota and the rest of the 50 states. Catalytic converters became a requirement on all new cars sold in 1976 and since. However, this does not affect vehicle... Read More »

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What year were catalytic converters required?

Catalytic converters were required on cars starting in 1976, after an appeals court overturned a suit by the Ethyl Corporation against the Environmental Protection Agency. The court outlawed lead i... Read More »

Removing Catalytic Converters?

Alternative schools, also known as non-traditional schools, offer alternative education in addition to regular curriculum. Alternative education is designed to meet the individual needs of each chi... Read More »

Do catalytic converters save gas?

Catalytic converters don't save gas. The engine attachments actually restrict air flow, significantly reducing engine efficiency and power output. Some auto enthusiasts opt for high-flow catalytic ... Read More »

How to Replace Catalytic Converters on a Lexus LS 400?

The catalytic converters in your Lexus LS400 are three-way converters that lower exhaust emissions through a chemical reaction between the exhaust gas and the substrate in the converter. This type ... Read More »