Are carnations drought tolerant?

Answer Carnations are drought tolerant. They thrive in dry conditions. They grow best in full sun exposure for at least six hours per day. Carnations are perennial and will come back each spring.Source:To... Read More »

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Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Succulents?

Succulents store water in their leaves, roots or stems and appreciate heat and sun. Landscapers often use these drought-tolerant plants in xeriscapes to promote water conservation. Some succulents,... Read More »

How to Landscape With Drought-Tolerant Plants?

In gardening, plants considered drought-tolerant are those that can survive two to three months without supplemental watering. The ability of plants to survive on natural rainfall alone is a boon f... Read More »

Drought Tolerant Flowering Shrubs?

Drought tolerant shrubs are ideal for areas where rainfall is limited or when you want an unfussy, low maintenance garden. Choose those that flower and you have shrubs that help create a colorful g... Read More »

Drought Tolerant Annual Flowers?

Annual flowers add color and fresh design to the garden. An annual lives a single season, cycling from germination to flower to seed production in that time. Choosing the best drought-tolerant annu... Read More »