Are carnation petals poisonous?

Answer Carnation petals are not poisonous, they are edible. The petals are sweet and often used to decorate cakes and as a dessert ingredient. Carnation petals are also an ingredient in the French liquor ... Read More »

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How many petals does a carnation have?

Carnations can have as few as five petals per flower to as many as 40.SourceCarnations

Are daffodil petals poisonous?

All parts of a daffodil, also called narcissus or jonquil, are poisonous to both humans and animals. The bulbs, stems, leaves and blooms of daffodils are toxic if ingested and cause dermatitis in s... Read More »

Are rose petals poisonous?

Rose petals are non-toxic and are considered edible. The petals are the only edible part of the rose. The white part at the base of the rose petal has a bitter taste and should be removed prior to ... Read More »

Are Rose Petals Poisonous to Cats?

Cat owners often worry about the safety of the plants and flowers inside their home and in their garden. The rose, however, is a flower that is safe to have around cats. Does this S... Read More »