Are carbon monoxide detectors required by law in Delaware for rental property?

Answer While carbon-monoxide detectors are not required by the state of Delaware for rental properties, individual cities and towns set their own housing codes that may require carbon-monoxide detectors. ... Read More »

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Who invented carbon monoxide detectors?

Chester S. Gordon and James T. Lowe, "assignors to American Telephone and Telegraph Company," submitted the earliest U.S. patent for a carbon monoxide detector. They received the patent in October ... Read More »

Do smoke detectors pick up carbon monoxide?

Smoke alarms do not pick up carbon monoxide. They pick up the particles present in smoke when burning materials are present. Carbon monoxide alarms detect and warn when a certain level of carbon mo... Read More »

Do smoke detectors detect carbon monoxide?

A smoke detector can detect carbon monoxide (CO) only if it is a dual-purpose smoke-and-CO detector. A single-purpose smoke detector only detects particles produced by flaming or smoldering fires, ... Read More »

Is it the law to have carbon monoxide detectors in rental housing?

Many states and jurisdictions require carbon monoxide detectors in residential dwellings, including rental housing. According to the National Conference of State Legislators, as of January 2010, 25... Read More »