Are carbide bits better than diamond bit die grinders?

Answer On One Hand: Diamond Die Bits are HarderA diamond die bit has a tip which has bort, industrial grade diamonds, attached to it. This forms an extremely hard cutting surface. Since diamonds are so ha... Read More »

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Is a simulated diamond better than a synthetic diamond?

On One Hand: It Looks BetterSimulated diamonds are gems or gem-like materials that are cut to look like diamonds, but are chemically different. Synthetic diamonds, or diamonds manufactured artifici... Read More »

Are carbide drill bits the best?

On One Hand: Carbide Tips Are Designed for Stone and MasonryCarbide-tipped drill bits are designed to work with hammer drills to drill through brick, masonry and stone. They are not sharp, but they... Read More »

Using Carbide Glass Cutting Drill Bits?

Drilling glass can be a tricky task. Because glass is so brittle, it typically cannot be drilled by standard twist drill bits. They tend to grab and chip the glass, which inevitably leads to cracks... Read More »

How to Use Waves L1 to Master a CD at Higher Than 16 Bits?

An audio recording's bit depth is one of the factors that determines its level of quality. Older video game systems, for example, used 8-bit audio, while audio CDs nearly always have a bit depth of... Read More »