Are car door locks secure?

Answer On One Hand: Modern Locks Are Hard to BreakModern car door locks are much more difficult to outsmart than old fashioned locks that can be undone with a coat hanger and the proper know how. When you... Read More »

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Are Brinks 4-piece keyed entry door knobs& deadbolt locks secure?

On One Hand: Police Recommend DeadboltsThe Brinks four-piece keyed entry doorknobs and deadbolt locks are the first step in keeping your home secure. Customers who purchased and installed these loc... Read More »

How to Remove Car Door Locks?

The door lock or lock cylinder on a car or truck is a small metal cylinder you insert the vehicle's key into when you want to lock or unlock your door. Lock cylinders usually need to be replaced af... Read More »

How are door locks rated?

The American National Standards Institute sets standards for a variety of products, including door locks. ANSI divides locks into three grades, and rates them on multiple standards, such as how lon... Read More »

How to Install New Door Locks?

Installation of new door locks is an important aspect of moving into a home to increase your home's security. You may also elect to install a new lock if the current lock is poorly installed or doe... Read More »