Are car door locks secure?

Answer On One Hand: Modern Locks Are Hard to BreakModern car door locks are much more difficult to outsmart than old fashioned locks that can be undone with a coat hanger and the proper know how. When you... Read More »

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Are Brinks 4-piece keyed entry door knobs& deadbolt locks secure?

On One Hand: Police Recommend DeadboltsThe Brinks four-piece keyed entry doorknobs and deadbolt locks are the first step in keeping your home secure. Customers who purchased and installed these loc... Read More »

How to Fix Power Locks in a Door?

Power door locks have become nearly standard on cars of all types around the world. These locks can be worked remotely with your wireless remote or they can be opened with a tab on your driver's si... Read More »

How to Buy Door and Window Locks?

Keeping a home secure is important. Families want to be kept safe on the inside of homes, while keeping intruders, criminals and stranger permanently on the outside. Even the most elaborate securit... Read More »

How to Remove Car Door Locks?

The door lock or lock cylinder on a car or truck is a small metal cylinder you insert the vehicle's key into when you want to lock or unlock your door. Lock cylinders usually need to be replaced af... Read More »