Are canna lilies poisonous?

Answer The Wisconsin Poison Center classifies the canna lily, or Canna X generalis, as a non-toxic species. The perennial flowering plant poses no known health hazards to humans or other mammals.Source:Un... Read More »

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When Should Canna Lilies Be Separated?

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How to Transplant Canna Lilies?

Canna lilies grow from tender, summer-flowering rhizomes. These plants with their lily-like blooms thrive in warm areas that experience very little winter frost. Grow them year-round in garden beds... Read More »

Types of Canna Lilies?

Popular as an exotic, tropical addition to borders and landscape designs for many years, the canna lily is grown from a rhizome and thrives in the warm summer season. Grown as a perennial in U.S. D... Read More »

When should you plant canna lilies?

On One Hand: Outdoor GrowingBecause the weather can be unpredictable and there are so many different climate levels where one might grow canna lilies outdoors, it's safest to wait until mid-spring ... Read More »