A Sagittarius man& Libra woman: are they compatible?

Answer On One Hand: Working TogetherThe Libra woman is highly clever and intelligent, traits that entice a Sagittarius man. Both signs appreciate emotional independence and seek partners who are open, ho... Read More »

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What are the signs u have if you have cancer?

That depends on what type of cancer it is. The most common signs however, is an unexplained lump in an area of the body which doesn't go away on its own.

Are a taurus female&cancer male compatible?

On One Hand: Long Term BenefitsA Taurus woman may fulfill many of the emotional needs of a Cancer man, including balancing out his watery emotions with her earthy practicality. In addition, a Cance... Read More »

What are some signs of breast cancer ?

While many women might not experience any signs of breast cancer, the Mayo Clinic and the American Cancer Society list several symptoms that might indicate breast cancer. These organizations advise... Read More »

What are some signs of lung cancer?

PLEASE listen to this. It can be difficult to diagnose lung cancer just by looking for symptoms. Even though this is true, here are some symptoms he may experience: Coughing (up blood), breathing p... Read More »