Are camo paintball guns any good?

Answer On One Hand: Camouflage will keep you HiddenCamouflaged paintball guns are beneficial for playing in the woods because they will not stand out like brightly painted or black paintball guns. Along w... Read More »

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Are 32 degrees paintball guns good?

On One Hand: A Decent Value32 Degrees paintball guns are among the lowest-priced guns on the market. They are easy to operate, and are made out of durable, yet lightweight, materials. They are al... Read More »

Are paintball guns safe?

On One Hand: Well, Not ReallyPaintball can a dangerous sport. Guns shoot pellets of water-soluble paint at a speed of 200 to 300 feet per second. Being hit by a pellet can leave bruising, welts and... Read More »

Are paintball guns firearms?

On One Hand: Paintball guns fire projectilesPaintball guns fire paintballs through the use of CO2 or compressed air. These projectiles are fired at a high velocity and can travel a good distance. ... Read More »

Are paintball guns dangerous?

On One Hand: Danger Can Be LimitedAny danger associated with paintball guns can certainly be limited. Wearing protective gear--including pads and goggles--can substantially reduce the risk of injur... Read More »