Are camo paintball guns any good?

Answer On One Hand: Camouflage will keep you HiddenCamouflaged paintball guns are beneficial for playing in the woods because they will not stand out like brightly painted or black paintball guns. Along w... Read More »

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Are 32 degrees paintball guns good?

On One Hand: A Decent Value32 Degrees paintball guns are among the lowest-priced guns on the market. They are easy to operate, and are made out of durable, yet lightweight, materials. They are al... Read More »

Can you use propane for paintball guns?

Some paintball guns are equipped to use propane as a power source instead of carbon dioxide. According to, the Tippmann C-3 with PEP, or Propane Enhanced Performance, is the fir... Read More »

How far do paintball guns shoot?

The distance a paintball travels will vary depending on several factors. Some of the factors include trajectory of the shooting range, velocity of the paintball and power of the paintball gun (typi... Read More »

How far can paintball guns shoot?

Paintball guns are designed to fire at a maximum muzzle velocity of 300 feet per second. If held parallel with the ground and fired, a paintball will travel approximately 300 feet before gravity pu... Read More »