Are cameras (esp. DSLRs) the new chihuahua-in-a-purse?

Answer I agree its ridiculous. I would imagine they all want to rush out and post pics on all the social networking sites. I dont see the fascination with it. Many also want cameras with video so they can... Read More »

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What do you think DSLRS will be like in 10 years ?

The advancement would be two fold of that which we see today, about 10 years after the first practical DSLR, when you think in terms of Moore's Law that states roughly, that integrated circuit tech... Read More »

DSLRs Astrophotography Tips?

For thousands of years, past civilizations recorded the position of the stars using many different mediums, including glass etching and painting. With modern technology, photographers can record pe... Read More »

Multiple questions on DSLRs..?

First, the 18mm end of your 18-55mm zoom is a suitable focal length for landscapes. Yes, its nice to have a wider angle like the Canon EF-S 10-22mm but that's an expensive lens. You might want to c... Read More »

Whats better a 10.2 DSLRs or a 12.0 compact camera?

comparing SLR's sensors and point & shoot sensors, THERE IS NO CHANCE....I don't know why people even bother worrying about MP in compact cameras, since their sensors are soooo small, the photo won... Read More »