Are camera protection plans necessary?

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Is lightning protection necessary?

On One Hand: Lightning Protection Is GoodThere is more than one form of lightning protection, and all of them are a good idea to protect you and your possessions. Lightning protection systems for h... Read More »

What type of eye protection is necessary with a plasma cutter?

When using a plasma cutter, you need protection not only from the blinding brightness of the cutter's electrical arc but from possible flying bits of molten metal as well. A full welder's helmet is... Read More »

Who services circuit city warranty protection plans?

The warranty you bought at Circuit City is actually through Assurance Solutions which is a partner with Circuit City. For future claims you need to call # 800-555-4615 (for general merchandise) for... Read More »

Is it really necessary to remove battery from my camera when not in use My camera is Nikon P500?

It is a good idea to remove batteries from anything when not using it just in case the batteries go dead and start to corrode. The corrosion can leave some residue in the battery compartment that c... Read More »