Are camel spiders poisonous?

Answer Camel spiders, which are actually not true spiders, are not poisonous. The arachnid belongs to the Solifugae order and has no venom or silk glands. Camel spiders kill prey with their powerful jaws.... Read More »

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Are red spiders poisonous?

The only spiders with red on them that are truly venomous to humans, which is often incorrectly referred to as poisonous, are the many widow species and their relative, the red back spider, which i... Read More »

Are sun spiders poisonous?

Sun spiders, also known as windscorpions, are somewhat common in the Americas. While they are predators, they have no poison to help catch their prey. They very rarely go near people and are consid... Read More »

Are cat spiders poisonous?

The cat-faced spider, also known as the cat spider, is completely harmless, according to the North American Insects and Spiders catalog. Cat spiders prefer to build webs in outbuildings, barns and ... Read More »

Are house spiders poisonous?

In general, house spiders in the United States are not poisonous. However, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health warns that the black widow, brown recluse and hobo spider are th... Read More »