Are camcorders a better thing to have rather than just a camera?

Answer It all depends if you just want to take pictures or if you want to take videos. Both are great of course, but what is it that you enjoy doing. Or there are some cameras that take pictures as well a... Read More »

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In camcorders 10x optical zoom Camera is costlier than 40x camcorders anybody can clarify this?

Cameras that employ a large zoom ratio do not have as many imaging pixels as cameras with a smaller zoom ratio.Cameras supporting higher resolution and HDTV require a lens that produces a better im... Read More »

What's the difference between camera's and camcorders?

cameras u take pictures and vids but not that high quality. but camcorders you can record videos for as long as you can with the amount of space you have in ur disk or tape. vid will be in good cle... Read More »

Do all tripods have a universal size that is compatible to all camera/camcorders?

"Universal size"? No. tripods are mades for different weight cameras/camcorders.Like shirts, "One size fits all" can work, but not very well... especially if the wearer is REALLY large or REALLY sm... Read More »

What are some Camcorders/Camera's Good for shooting Youtube videos?

Any will do - assuming the device is used within its limitations.For $600 (assuming that is what you are planning to spend), you are in the mid range of consumer-grade camcorders - but the video ca... Read More »