Are caladiums indoor plants?

Answer Caladiums are tropical plants that grow well as indoor plants. This flowering tuber originates in the Amazon jungle of South America. It prefers nighttime temperatures of at least 70 degrees F and ... Read More »

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How do you get rid of worms on indoor plants?

Either re-plant the plant in a different pot and skim threw the soil or buy worming tablets!!!!

Whiteflies on Indoor Plants?

Whiteflies are greenhouse pests that often come into homes on new plants. Examine new plants carefully for whiteflies and keep them isolated for three weeks to make sure they don't harbor whiteflie... Read More »

Plants for Indoor Air Pollution?

Plants release oxygen into the air that mammals breathe through a process known as photosynthesis. Certain species of plants are very efficient at fighting indoor air pollution and it can be benefi... Read More »

Can impatiens be indoor plants?

On One Hand: Impatiens Shine in Shade GardensBest known for their outdoor use, impatiens' availability in garden centers peaks during the outdoor growing months. Their bright colors cheer the shady... Read More »