Are caladiums indoor plants?

Answer Caladiums are tropical plants that grow well as indoor plants. This flowering tuber originates in the Amazon jungle of South America. It prefers nighttime temperatures of at least 70 degrees F and ... Read More »

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How to Send Indoor Plants?

Mailing plants is relatively common, whether ordering them from a mail order gardening website, or sending and receiving them among family and friends. Given indoor plants' often fragile structure,... Read More »

What Are Indoor Plants That a Cat Won't Mess With?

If you're a cat lover, you know how much pleasure felines can bring. You probably also know how much pleasure your houseplants bring to your cat--cats love to make salad out of the greenery their o... Read More »

Why does my indoor cat keep eating my plants?

Cats and plants do not always get along. Some owners find it impossible to keep a plant in the house without it being eaten by the cat. Figuring out why your cat does this can help you to stop the ... Read More »

How to Water Indoor Plants?

When plants are kept in the house as potted plants, their watering needs will differ from those of plants grown in the soil outside. The symptoms of over-watering and under-watering plants are very... Read More »