Are cable tv pictures better than satellite?

Answer On One Hand: Cable ReceptionCable can receive both digital and analog signals with analog being of a lower quality. While most stations choose to broadcast in digital, some have stuck with analog. ... Read More »

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Is satellite TV a better picture than cable?

Satellite TV technology uses a parabolic receiving dish to receive signals straight from orbiting satellites. This signal allows hundreds of channels to occupy a single bandwidth.Cable's physical l... Read More »

Is satellite direct better than cable?

"Satellite TV offers better picture quality than cable TV. However, harsh weather conditions may affect the picture on the TV when using a satellite. There are also a wide variety of choices when u... Read More »

Is satellite hdtv better than cable hdtv?

On One Hand: Satellite Has AdvantagesUnlike the analog/digital mix of cable television, all channels delivered via satellite use fully digital signals. Not all of these channels broadcast HD conten... Read More »

Is satellite Internet faster than cable?

Determining which is faster, cable or satellite, depends on the provider and Internet connection package chosen, according to the Federal Communications Commission. However, satellite connections a... Read More »