Are bully sticks safe for dogs to eat?

Answer On One Hand: The BenefitsBully sticks are a chew treat for dogs made from bull penises that have been cleaned, stretched and dried. They are considered safer for dogs than bones, rawhide or other c... Read More »

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Are bully sticks bad for dogs?

On One Hand: Bully Sticks are a Choking HazardIf you choose to give your dog a bully stick treat, make sure a family member is supervising the pet while he's chewing on it. Although bully sticks ar... Read More »

Are bully sticks safe for puppies?

On One Hand: Bully Sticks are SafeWhen your puppy is teething, she needs the relief she can get from chewing on something she can dig her teeth into. Bully sticks are made of bull penis, although s... Read More »

Hazards of Bully Sticks?

Chewing is a healthy and natural behavior for dogs and many kinds of treats cater to this urge. Bully sticks are dried bull penises. They are mostly protein and when prepared by a reputable company... Read More »

Ingredients for Bully Sticks?

Dogs like treats, just like people. While the temptation may be to give your dog ready-made treats you can find in the store, it is wise to hesitate before doing so. Many of the treats readily avai... Read More »