Are bug zappers effective?

Answer On One Hand: Not For MosquitoesAccording to Science Daily, bug zappers are not very useful for killing the insects that most people want to get rid of when they buy a zapper, such as mosquitoes and... Read More »

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Why are bug zappers light blue?

According to the website below, they are blue because blue is the closest wavelength of the visible spectrum to ultraviolet light, and insects are attracted to ultraviolet light.

How to Make Vodka Zappers?

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Do those mosquito zappers work?

On One Hand: Zaps Mosquitoes and All BugsMosquito zappers are easy to install outside of the home on a wall or the edge of a roof. Once the product is in place, consumers will not have to handle th... Read More »

Are bug zappers dangerous to the heart?

Although electrical bug zappers can be effective in eradicating unwanted flying insects, they can actually be harmful to human health. In fact, the process of incinerating bugs may be just as dange... Read More »