Are bug zappers dangerous to the heart?

Answer Although electrical bug zappers can be effective in eradicating unwanted flying insects, they can actually be harmful to human health. In fact, the process of incinerating bugs may be just as dange... Read More »

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Is repairing a hole in the heart dangerous?

Not nowadays, medical science has advanced.

Is a resting heart rate between 100-120 dangerous?

The normal heart rate in average for adult ranges from 60–100 beats per minutes. This normal heart rate definitely varies with age and in stressful circumstances can go even higher. However, if i... Read More »

Is 80 bpm a dangerous heart rate for a 4 year old child?

Tonsilitis can be cured by using natural medicines. You might try, if you live on the kenai peninsula, going to carlines acupuncture and day spa. you can use zinc lozenges, cold and flu formula, Th... Read More »

How much coffee is dangerous for someone with a heart condition?

It's hard to say because some people tolerate caffeine better than others. If your doctor specifically told you to stay away from caffeine you should heed his advice. Especially someone with a card... Read More »