Do chicken wings come from baby chickens?

Answer Chicken wings are made from full-size chicken wings and not baby chick wings. The wings are snipped at the end and then cut at the joint to make two smaller "East" Hot Wings

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Are buffalo wings really made out of buffalo?

YUP.......and, they get those "wings" from the animal while it is still between the growth stages of the wings being at their fullest and just about in the middle of the growingprocess of the horn ... Read More »

Do buffalo wings come from buffalo?

They come from chickens.They were invented at the Anchor Bar on Main Street, near the corner of North Street, Buffalo, on October 3, 1964.Teressa Bellissimo, co-owner of the Anchor Bar with her hus... Read More »

What animal do Buffalo wings come from?

Buffalo wings are made from regular chicken wings with the tips discarded. Authentic buffalo wings are deep-fried without breading, then rolled in a sauce made of butter and some form of hot pepper... Read More »

Why is the blazing sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings so friggin' spicy?