Are broad beans and fava beans the same thing?

Answer Definitely. I had to make a modification to Wikipedia because my Dad's fava/broad beans grew taller than what Wikipedia stated...

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Can fava beans be eaten raw?

A disease known as favism is contracted by some people who eat raw or partially cooked fava beans. The alkaloids in the bean causes hemolytic anemia. Males of European ancestry are most often affec... Read More »

Are butter beans&lima beans the same thing?

Butter beans and lima beans are essentially the same thing, although they differ in size. Lima beans are small and green, while butter beans are larger with a creamy, butter taste.Source:Fort Valle... Read More »

Are northern beans& navy beans the same thing?

Northern beans (also called great northern beans) are white beans similar to white kidney beans, according to They are not the same as navy beans (also called pea beans or Yankee bea... Read More »

How do I plant fava beans on All Saints'Day?

All Saints' DayPlant fava bean seeds on November 1, the date that Western Christian churches mark as All Saints' Day.Soil and SpacingChoose a sunny location and well-drained soil containing heavy ... Read More »