Are british folk the only people who drink tea?

Answer no everyone does. people everywhere do. in asia, middle east, the americas. any place, you name it.

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How come that british people drink their tea with milk?

well one it cools the tea a fraction,and two, it looks more drinkable,and three it goes down a lot better when you have a sip if you stick out your little finger,with your drinking hand.up in yorks... Read More »

British Folk Music Instruments?

A wide variety of folk instruments are still played in Britain, used in both traditional and modern settings. For example, the folk band "Fairport Convention" has evolved from folk to folk rock to ... Read More »

34 weeks pregnant and can not eat food but can only drink oval tine or chocolate drink in the morning only?

Why do you Young People drink alcohol serious answers only.?

I'm 17 and proud to say that I've never consumed alcohol. I, frankly, don't see why anyone would want to - except for communion if grape juice is not offered - consume any underage. In my mind alco... Read More »