Are bristle worms harmful to humans?

Answer Yes, bristle worms can harm humans. The bristle worm has spikes, which protrude out from its body when threatened. These spikes can sting humans and cause inflammation, numbness, redness and swelli... Read More »

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Dog Heart Worms & Humans?

Heartworms are something that most pet owners associate with their dogs, and in rare cases with their cats. Once you know that a pet you have come into contact with has heartworms, you may worry a... Read More »

Harmful Worms Found in Cats?

All cats are susceptible to parasite infestations, but some worms are harmful while other types of parasites can live happily in a cat's digestive tract without causing any major problems. The most... Read More »

How do dogs transfer worms to humans?

Most dog owners understand that their dogs can carry parasites. What they may not realize, however, is that many of those parasites can be transferred to the people who spend time with an infected ... Read More »

How are round worms spread to humans?

Roundworms are invertebrates with long, round bodies. Their size can range from microscopic to large enough to be plainly seen. Although they are most common in animals, such as dogs, there are a v... Read More »