Are breathing difficulties a part of anxiety?

Answer Some people with anxiety problems suffer from difficulty breathing. Along with sudden feelings of intense fear, anxiety attacks can involve a feeling of choking or smothering. People who suffer fro... Read More »

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Reasons for Breathing Difficulties?

A dog owner should become familiar with her dog's regular breathing pattern in order to identify dangerous abnormalities that may signal a life-threatening condition. Canine breathing difficulties ... Read More »

Levator Scapulae and Breathing Difficulties?

The levator scapulae is a muscle that helps your shoulder and neck to move properly. When you have a stiff neck and cannot turn your head to one side comfortably, this muscle is usually involved. S... Read More »

Can your heart and breathing feel weak when having anxiety?

Hi Greg againI answered your question about coffee effecting the heart, the saw your second question. Yes again anxiety is causing you these problems. I hope your not a person that is also suffer... Read More »

Where should a 20 year old, with social anxiety/panic work part-time?

You have some options. You could be a stocker in a supermarket or big box store. You would work at night when the store is closed. You get paid more too. You might also consider working in a wa... Read More »